Functions: cutting, slotting (avoiding the horizontal slot), engraving, drilling, etc. Application equipment: engraving machine, trimming machine, cutting machine, machining center Design: Double helix design veneer explosion-proof edge Automatic positioning Various entr...
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  • Cut a mortise or wall seam? You’ll need these basic tools

    Despite their fancy names, siding and notches are strong, affordable connections that any level of woodworking can use. The wall skirt is a simple flat-bottom channel used to install and support a shelf or panel, and the slot is a one-sided wall skirt cut into the edge of the material. Wall moldi...
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  • The Boring drill bits’classification

    The Boring drill bits’classification

    Boring bits/ dowel drill bits Boring bits, also known as dowel drill bits, are commonly used in cabinet and closet construction, hardware seating, and many other industrial woodworking applications. They are ideal to drill precise and tear-free holes in hardwood, veneere...
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  • Good feedback from customers

    Good feedback from customers

    Good feedback from customers Yasen tools have more than 15 years history,having rich production experience and professional technical team. We have been doing foreign trade for 5 years, and our products are exported to countries all over the world, especially Europe, Asi...
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  • What is the difference between roughing and finishing?

    What is the difference between roughing and finishing?

    Roughing tools typically use wavy cutting edges or large rows of cutting flutes with large contact surfaces. Finishing tools usually use sharp cutting edges and high tool strength. The cutting edges are sharp and high in strength, reducing the problem of side milling tap...
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  • Woodworking milling cutter

    Woodworking milling cutter

    Woodworking milling tools are rotary tools with one or more teeth. Through the relative movement between the work piece and the milling cutter, each cutter tooth cuts off the allowance of the work piece intermittently in turn. The installation of woodworking milling cutt...
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  • International exhibition-russia moscow woodex

    International exhibition-russia moscow woodex

    Woodex is Russia's leading* international industry event, where well-known manufacturers and suppliers from across the world showcase their latest equipment and technologies for woodworking, furniture production and wood waste utilisation. The exhibition is held biennial...
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  • International ligna hannover 2019-germany

    International ligna hannover 2019-germany

    Hannover International Woodworking exhibition was founded in 1975, Held every two years, it is one of the world's most influential forest industry and wood processing technology and equipment manufacturing events. Ligna2017 "wood processing industry". With the theme of "...
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  • Precautions for tool use and protection

    Precautions for tool use and protection

    1. The drill bit and the blade edge are very sharp and handling with care in the process of dismantling to avoid collisions. Back it to the special packing box, and make dust and rust prevention when it is not in use. 2. Check the blade edge before using in order to avoid unnecessary wastes. 3. M...
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  • NEW Design For YASEN Woodworking Drill bits

    NEW Design For YASEN Woodworking Drill bits

    At present, the demand for 15mm and 35mm drilling in the industry is increasing, and the traditional A has been difficult to keep up with the development speed of CNC processing equipment. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have strengthened the research and dev...
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  • Development of the furniture industry in 2021

    In the past few years, we have observed that once distinct channels such as residence, hotel, office, elderly life and student housing furniture are becoming blurred, and one of the suppliers is seeking to expand its scale by providing the same or similar products for different channels. Multi se...
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  • How to choose drill bits for woodworking?

    How to choose drill bits for woodworking?

    Nowadays, there are so many types of woodworking drill bits that many customers do not know which type is the one they need. This passage will give you some ideas. Twist Drills.: Twist drills have cylindrical steel shanks and point tips. The sizes o...
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